Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO)

ICFO is a centre of research excellence devoted to the science and technologies of light with a triple mission: to conduct frontier research, train the next generation of scientists, and provide knowledge and technology transfer.

Over 400 researchers in 26 research groups are dedicated to both fundamental and applied research programs that address standing issues such as health, renewable energies, information technologies, security and industrial processes, among others.

The ICFO Launchpad gives innovative ideas a space to develop into new technology spin-offs. To date, six successful companies are already bringing the value of research “made at ICFO” directly to society, with several new ventures in incubation.

The Severo Ochoa distinction, as well as 15 ICREA Professorships and 27 European Research Council grants to date demonstrate the center’s dedication to research at the highest international level.

Key Facts of ICFO

Number of ERC grants obtained till year 2016.
Number of "Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats" (ICREA) research professors.
Percentage of first quartile articles published during 2016.
Overall number of citations for ICFO-authored papers/year 2016.

The Severo Ochoa grant affords us the possibility to offer opportunities to young scientists and to nurture scientific contributions.

Lluís Torner

Lluis Torner

Director at ICFO

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