"Composition of exoplanetary atmospheres: modelling and observations"

Application deadline:

IAA-CSIC offers a two-year postdoctoral contract in the framework of the Project “Severo Ochoa” which comprises an strategic research line devoted to study the physico-chemical conditions that determine the neutral and ionospheric composition of exoplanetary atmospheres. This topic also encompasses radiative transfer calculations to obtain synthetic spectra for planning observations or to retrieve information from archival data.

Candidates are expected to carry out their activity in both of the research lines stated above.

The research work will be carried out in close collaboration with staff at IAA. The tasks are the following ones:

1. To apply (and improve) available thermochemical and photochemical models written in C++ and Python.
2. To apply radiative transfer codes which are free to the scientific community to reproduce the available spectroscopic observations (HST, Spitzer, etc.) such that some unknowns (as atmospheric C/O, turbulent transport, a cloud layer, etc.) are revealed.
3. Making use of the developed models, to plan, request and analyse observations either with ground- or space-based facilities.