Technical Assistant for IBERYCA project

Application deadline:

The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) opens a competitive call for applications to one technician with a biology background. The applicant will develop her/his work in the context of the Spanish funded project IBERYCA (The role of plant-microBiota Interactions in the Resilience and Collapse of Mediterranean holm oAks; CGL2017-84723-P).


The project IBERYCA brings together an international and multidisciplinary team of experts (microbial ecologists, modelers, ecophysiologists, phytopathologists and biogeochemists) to deepen the multifunctional role of the microbiota (Prokaryotes, archaeas and fungi) in the health of Holm-oaks and their resilience to the increasing incidence of, e.g. extreme summer droughts and/or pathogen attacks.

The research will be conducted at BC3 but also in collaboration with other international research institutions.

A technician with a background in Biology will be needed for:

– Support during the field campaign. Collect samples of soil and leaves in monitoring plots throughout the Spanish peninsula

– Preparation of samples in the laboratory for further processing (e.g., drying, grinding, weight, etc…).

– Extraction of DNA from soil and leave samples, their preparation for shipment to sequencing service and the preparation of soil and root samples for Pathogen analysis.

– Measurements of non-structural carbon and other functional traits in leaves.



The applicant should have a degree in Environmental/biological Sciences, with demonstrated interest in plant-soil interactions, ecophysiology of plants, soil ecology and/or plant pathology.


Other relevant skills:

    Driving license

    Availability to conduct fieldwork throughout the Spanish territory and in flexible schedules

    Experience in laboratory work