10 PhD open positions at CIC biomaGUNE under the INPhINIT "La Caixa" PhD Fellowship Programme

Application deadline:

CIC biomaGUNE offered projects:

- Development of Glyco- immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (Niels Reichardt - Glycotechnology Lab)
- Bioassays based on nanoparticles and clusters of atoms (Valery Pavlov - Biosensing Lab)
- Plasmonic diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases (Luis Liz-Marzan - Bionanoplasmonics Lab)
- Novel contrast agents based on carbon nanodots for magnetic resonance imaging (Maurizio Prato - Carbon Bionanotechnology Lab)
- Protein-based functional materials (Aitziber L. Cortajarena - Biomolecular Nanotechnology Lab)
- Supramolecular polymer nanocarriers for CRISPR-Cas9 delivery (Sergio Moya - Soft Matter Lab)
- Theory and simulations of designable modular bionic proteins (Ivan Coluzza - Computational Biophysics Lab)
- Peripheral pulsatility as measure of pulmonary vascular dysfunction (Jesus Ruiz Cabello - Molecular & Functional Biomarkers Lab)
- Imaging biomarkers to early detect pathological events, predict cognitive decline and monitor disease progression in Alzheimer's Disease (Jordi Llop - Radiochemistry & Nuclear Imaging Lab)
- Novel nanosystems for the systemic treatment of acute ischemic stroke (Pedro Ramos - Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lab)