Computer Engineer

Application deadline:

The main tasks are included within the framework at the project are:

- Set up the use of (our software platform) ngaSP with docker.

- Redefine the minimum requirements of RAM and CPU as well as the versions of docker (e.g. v18), and OS behind.

- Make adjustments in the graphical interface, already developed in JavaScript, with libraries like jQuery and Angular.

- Possible modification of the backend code in C ++, or the code of the server with the API in node.js

- Write Manuals, examples, case studies, and more documentation.

- Build a modules in git as well as submodules to solve the problem of updates between dependent libraries.

- Other tasks related to the functionality of ngaSP.


Educational Requirements:

MSc or Engineering equivalent in Computer Science


Required Skills:

Knowledge, experience programming or capacity to short term learning: C++, Javascript, user interfaces (cmdline, desktop graphical IU, & web IU), ETL tools (extract, transform, load) and multiple format conversions. Experience developing complex IU with Javascript.

Knowledge, experience or capacity to short term learning: docker and Github.

On a regular basis, generate documentation in English.