PhD Student - Thermal Properties of Nanoscale Materials

Application deadline:

Description of Group/Project:

We are looking for a brilliant and highly motivated PhD student with a bias towards experimental research to work in a project that aims to measure the heat capacity and thermal transport of 2D materials by using innovative nanocalorimetric and electrical-based techniques developed (or under development) in our group. The student will participate in these developments aimed to understand the vibrational and phonon-mediated transport properties of those low-dimensional materials at a fundamental level. The work is centered around the current activities of GTNaM and has implications in diverse areas ranging from nanoelectronics, photonics, phononics, to thermal management and energy storage.

Main Tasks and responsibilities:

•    During the PhD the candidate will use and develop state-of-the-art electrical-based techniques to measure thermal properties of low-dimensional solids.
•    Perform measurements and data analisis of heat capacity and phonon transport in 2D layered materials.