Postdoctoral fellow or senior engineer in biomedical electronics

Application deadline:

In the context of two research projects funded by the European Commission (an ERC Consolidator Grant and a Research and Innovation Action), the Biomedical Electronics Research Group (BERG) of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona is seeking candidates to carry out research on the development of wearable electronics for neuroprosthetic systems based on injectable implants.

We want to develop and demonstrate wireless networks of implants capable of stimulating the muscles and recording their activity. Potentially, among other fields of application, this technology will be used to recover motor functions in patients who suffer from paralysis. The implants will look like short pieces of flexible thread and will be injectable. These features will be possible because the power supply methods used so far in active implants (e.g. batteries and inductive coupling) will be replaced by an innovative power transfer method.

Now we are seeking for a research engineer responsible for the development of the wearable electronics that will operate such networks of implants.

Candidates must be experienced proactive engineers in electronics with an inclination towards research. Possession of a PhD degree is not a requirement but it will be considered very positively. A background in biomedical engineering will also be considered very positively. Ample experience designing analogue and digital electronic systems is required (+ 4 years postgraduate). Experience in power electronics will be considered very positively. In addition, experience in the following areas will be positively valued (not in order of preference): electrical stimulation, animal experimentation, FEM simulations, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards and electronic packaging and connection technologies.

Selection process

If interested, please apply by sending an email to with a motivation letter, your curriculum vitae and the contact details of three references as a single pdf. Please indicate the reference number eAXON-PD3 in the subject.

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