Postdoctoral position on Exoplanets, stellar associations, and low-mass objects

Application deadline:

Centro de Astrobiología (CAB, CSIC-INTA) offer a postdoctoral position within the María de Maeztu Excellence Program «Assessing the feasibility of life as a universal phenomenon through planetary exploration».

This is a 12-month contract

Code MDM_1/21: «Exoplanets, stellar associations, and low-mass objects»

The duties will consist of:
1. Participation in observing campaigns at national and international astrophysical observatories;
2. ensuring the proper use and operation of the equipment and instruments used in the laboratory and outside the laboratory
3. Analysis of astrophysical data in the LINUX environment, mainly using Bayesian techniques.
4. Processing and analysis of astrophysical data: intensive exploitation of databases, Big Data, Machine Learning.
5. Preparation of algorithms for data analysis: Gaia, CHEOPS and PLATO precision astrometry and photometry.
6. Preparation of the catalogue of stars with planets, brown dwarfs and low-mass stellar objects to be observed with JWST and CHEOPS.
7. Scientific exploitation of the data obtained with Gaia, JWST, TESS, CHEOPS and other instruments on the ground and in space.
8. Characterisation of stellar, substellar and exoplanetary properties by astrometric, photometric and/or spectroscopic techniques, especially related to stellar associations.
9. Preparation of scientific and technical documentation, scientific manuscript writing, participation in congresses (national and international), dissemination activities.
10. In order to carry out the objectives set out in the project, a PhD in Physics, Astrophysics, Mathematics or related fields, with a background in astro-statistics, is required.

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Contacto: David Barrado Navascués -

The deadline for sending applications is February 16th, 2021.

More information and applications: (Please note that there is a mistake in the duration of the contracts in this call which needs to be corrected. This contract is for 12 months)

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